Boys, get dressed up for Valentine’s Day !

You haven’t got your outfit for Valentine’s day yet? I know that it’s not that easy to look fancy and feel comfortable at the same time, guys. But don’t worry – I’ve got some tips and outfit suggestions to help you get dressed up for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what you can wear for a night out with your special one on Valentines.

A classic black suit or smoking is never out of place but to impress your date you shouldn’t be afraid to doll yourself up a little more than usual.

This super skinny fit Suit jacket in blackcurrant purple can be worn to a casual black jeans or in combination with purple trousers. One way or the other, you’ll look fantastic and even though it’s a rather untypical color, the slim fit will accentuate the masculine features of a man.

As I said, Valentine’s Day calls for a little extra. If you want to be extra extra you might like this navy floral print jacket. Now some might say that flower prints aren’t very masculine but they are. Stars like Calvin Harris or Chris Pine and high fashion brands like Prada proved that classic and tropical flower prints do not only belong onto a woman’s dresses or Hawaiian shirts.

If you’re more on the casual side or just going out with the lads and don’t want to dress up too much you could also wear a simple button-down shirt with short or long sleeves in a plain, Jeans or checked design. Again – if you want to dress more fancy try a floral print.

When you put an outfit together you might wonder which shoes you could wear. That’s easy – you cant go wrong with a simple Mid Boot or Derby shoe. If you want to you can choose one in a vibrant color to give you outfit the pop of color. But you also can’t go wrong with a clean black or white sneaker. They’ll loosen up your look and wont cause unwanted blisters at the end of the night.

So, get dressed up for Valentine’s Day but don’t forget – you have to be yourself and feel comfortable to have a good night. So don’t disguise yourself and wear whatever you feel confident in.

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