Bright bold crazy colour

The one thing I have noticed on the spring and summer catwalks this season has been colour.  Mad, wild, shocking, bright, fabulous colour.  Valentino in particular is going for amazing pinks and purples and you know, the clothes are flamboyant and a little over the top, but still elegant, stylish and divine.

It got me thinking that I do not have enough colour in my life.  My house is pretty neutral, my wardrobe is mostly black and grey (very London!) and my shoes are all mostly tan.  So I am on a summer mission to add a whole lot of brightness into my wardrobe.

I’ve found this gorgeous mustard off-the-shoulder bodycon dress and it’s definitely going into my shopping basket.  It’s romantic and funky and will look so good on the beach or in a garden park.  Or just at the shops, or even on a lunch date. It’s youthful and fun and also a definite departure from my usual favourite black and I plan on wearing it with a bright pink lipstick too.  Maybe even a dotted scarf around my neck!

Dolce and Gabbana are two of my favourite designers and they’ve never been afraid of anything bold, bright or colourful.  Whether it be their designer evening wear, outrageous headwear or shoes, they include every colour under the sun.  And good for them.  I may not be able to afford their clothing (although I’ve often found a bargain by searching this wonderful internet) I can definitely get ideas from them.  Look at this amazing pic from one of their recent campaigns – it’s all about colour colour colour!

I know that in the past I’ve stayed away from colour as I’ve had this idea that ‘all black’ is stylish and sexy. It is, of course, black is big city, it’s synonymous with New York and London.  And women like me do find it hard to stay away from the ‘black look’ but then, I found this dress too, stylish fun elegant, black with a beautifully embroidered high neck and a pop of red.

I think the important thing about fashion is to be adventurous.  If you’re like me you will love pouring over fashion magazines and checking what’s in style for 2018 and what the spring and summer trends are.  Get ideas from the fashion spreads and then inject your own style.  If you like colour, buy colour.  If you’re unsure, inject a little into your wardrobe bit by bit.  Who knows, you may soon be a Valentino fashion model!

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