Tips on using pastel tones

The flowers blossom and it becomes warmer outside. Spring is coming and with it, more and more pastel tones appear in our wardrobes. But how can we wear them the best? Here are a few tips.

Adapt to your hair and skin type.

First, you should pay attention to adapting the pastel tones on your skin and hair type as there are a few things to consider.

If you are a person with dark skin, you should wear bright, creme pastel tones – for example buttery yellows, lavender or aquas. If you are a person with light skin you should wear darker pastel tones.

Persons with blond hair can wear all pastel tones, and wear them from head to toe! Brunettes and redheads have some difficulties however. If they wear pastels from head to toe they can look pale.

The Discreet Variation.

If you are not bold enough to wear a pastel shirt or pastel pants, you can still wear pastel accessories. You can use accessories in combination with neutral tones.

The Carvela Loot Lace Up Trainers in babyblue are perfect if you like to wear pastel tones in a discreet way.

This Fiorelli Camden Bag looks perfect with white pants.

Do you like the colour yellow? Then the Marc B Pennie Quilted Cross Body Bag is perfect for you.

You can’t fail with neutral tones!

Pastel tones perfectly suit neutral tones like black, white, grey, beige or creme. With them you can never fail. You can combine a pink shirt or blouse with some black pants or a jacket in babayblue with some white pants for example.

Thanks for reading and don´t forget to stay colourful 😉

By guest blogger Alice Godesar

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