Maximize your fashion game: Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have been in and out of fashion for decades.  They were big in the seventies, took a huge hit in the eighties, came back in the nineties and now theyre with us again.  Maxi dresses are not about covering your body, because even the skinniest celebrities are wearing them, theyre about elegance and comfort.

Heres Kate Middleton in a magnificent Indian print maxi dress.  Maxi dresses are a bit of a signature statement with Kate, she loves them and often wears them on her overseas tours.

So, why should you wear a maxi dress?  Well, I know why I wear them.  I feel very feminine!  I love the way that the 2017 trend for maxi dresses are about prints.  I love the fabrics, I love the designs, I love that I can wear them without worrying about anything going wrong, as in where you wear a mini dress.  Theyre cool, easy to wear and a little bit bohemian which I quite enjoy too.

This zebra print maxi dress by Pretty Little Thing is a real eyecatcher and very loose, airy and flowy – perfect for hot and steamy summer days. I recommend you to wear this very bold statement-piece with simple black sandals and perhaps some golden accessories.

Maxi dresses make a statement.  Youre not trying to be all sexy and showing as much leg as possible, its the exact opposite.  They flow beautifully, theyre stylish and wearing one is a bit of a power move – youre not trying to prove anything.  And look how popular they are with even the toughest, sexiest of celebs.  Plus, they look gorgeous.

Wear your dress loose and flowing, put a belt around it if you want to, team it up with a fab pair of sandals or go BAREFOOT!  If youre going on a picnic, add a gorgeous Mary Jane style floppy hat, a couple of bracelets, a good book as an accessory and youre all set to go.

Theres one more reason why I wear a maxi.  It covers my very white legs as I go from winter into summer and Im very happy about that.  Plus, theyre very groovy for the beach.

See maxi dresses from lots of top brands and stores all in one place here.

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