One Man and His Jeans

Remember the old days when men would just pull on a pair of jeans and a scruffy old t-shirt? Well, there are men who still do that but those days are pretty much over. Men are increasingly becoming more conscious about what they wear, whether it is for casual or work, and there is an increased emphasis on men’s style.

Young men in particular, are into looking well groomed and feeling well groomed.  Men spend money on their hair, their beards, their tattoos and – their clothes.   And while it is still totally okay to throw on jeans and a t-shirt,  it is important to make sure you look good and feel good.

Slim fit jeans in particular are very popular these days.
This Alessandro Zavetti pair are really cool, well tailored and made of a good, sturdy but comfortable denim.  You may think they’re a bit on the expensive side but they are on sale and – a good pair of jeans will last forever! Don’t scrimp on your jeans.  Buy two really good pairs and you can wear them day in and day out.

Then, think about what you’re wearing with your jeans.  If it is an old scruffy t-shirt, take it off quick! Be stylish – your partner will want that, and you should want that.
Check out this lime green Jumper – it’s a statement piece which can be worn for every day or for special occasions with a button-down shirt underneath.

Taking an interest in what you wear is important.  It doesn’t matter what age you are and what your line of work is.  Your clothes say a lot about you.  Clothes don’t define you, your personality does, but they give a quick glimpse into your personality.  Let’s look at David Beckham.  He’s made the ‘best dressed’ lists of fashion magazines many many times.  He always looks cool but he never goes too far.  He’s elegant, on trend, fashionable and – still casual.

By the way, if you don’t want to take off your t-shirt, don’t! But at least buy a few new ones.  T-shirts that are well made and fit well can be very stylish and very sexy.  Look at this very simple Abercrombie & Fitch white t-shirt.  It’s gorgeous.  Team it up with your favourite jeans, a simple coat, buy a cool backpack and hey – you’ll be all set for the day.

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