Wear a Scarf with Style

Scarves are the ultimate accessory.  They’re great in winter to keep you warm, they’re fab in summer to add a bit of colour, you can wear them around your neck, or your waist, or your hair – and – they always add glamour.  Look at Rita Ora rocking a silky scarf – she looks divine.

Before I was’ mad about fashion’, I used to just throw a scarf around my neck and hope for the best.  Then, I slowly started learning all the different ways of wearing a scarf.  And there are many!   It’s a good idea to take an extra minute or two in the morning when getting dressed and make sure your scarf looks glamorous and gorgeous.

The McQ Alexander McQueen is really pretty.  It’s lightweight so you can wear it in any weather and adds a final touch to a simple outfit. It would look very pretty with jeans and a white t-shirt actually.

A scarf like this will never go out of fashion.  You could also wear this as a turban.

A lovely trend is to wear a belt the same colour as your scarf, let the scarf hang down on either side of your neck, and tuck it into your belt. 

This Oversized Long Woven Scarf would look very pretty tucked gently into a purple or light blue thin belt. If you’re going for this look, make sure the scarf is long enough to tuck in and still be comfortable.

Scarves are for any season.  

Even if you’re going to the beach, wear your denim shorts, a plain simple top, and a light scarf around your neck, tied in a little knot or bow.

It’s all about style and glamour. 

And staying with the beach theme – take a long scarf with you when you’re in the sun.  Use it to sit on, to wrap around and protect your hair, to protect your skin when it gets too hot, or as a sarong.

Have you heard of the Babushka? Think of the late and very beautiful Grace Kelly from Monaco.  She used to wear scarves around her hair and was the ultimate in glamour and style.  Wear your scarf like this if you’re going on a trip to the country, on a picnic, riding a motorbike or in a convertible, and – if you want to feel like a celebrity and fashion icon!

One thing is for sure – you can never have too many scarves! Compare scarves from over 50 top brand stores all in one place to find your ideal style.

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